The tools are made of heavy-duty materials and the handles are double-dipped for added strength.

Tools Set

The 39-piece Apollo DT9706 General Repair Hand Tool set has all the tools you need for general repairs around the house.

heavy-duty materials

The tools are made of heavy-duty materials and the handles are double-dipped for added strength. They also meet or exceed critical ANSI standards. The set also includes a 12-foot tape measure, six-inch slip joint pliers, a claw hammer, eight SAE hex keys, a ratcheting bit driver, scissors, and an adjustable wrench. Each tool is tested for usability, hardness, and torque. The set also supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, which advances the world’s most promising research.

Punch moulding is a process in which a cylinder is shaped by forcing a punch through a workpiece. This produces a hole that is the same diameter as the punch and slightly smaller after it is removed.

The process causes the workpiece to stretch to a certain extent, which is why a punch press is necessary. However, the punch can sometimes stick in the work, which means you should strip the punch before you use it.

You can check if it is stuck by looking at the hole walls. If you see a burnished area on the wall, rollover or die break, the punch will have to be removed from the workpiece. Get more detail about stansing av metall .

Moulding Tools

Punch moulding tools are made up of two basic components: the punch and the die. The punch is made of a hard steel or tungsten carbide that is shaped like the workpiece, while the die is a steel or carbide tool that holds the workpiece in place. The punch and the die are both attached to the punch press, which applies pressure to them to change the shape of the workpiece. The design of the die and the punch is critical to achieving the desired shape. The mechanical properties and life of the tool depend on its material. For instance, SKS3 steel has stable hardness after heat treatment, is very easy to work with, and has good stamping and cutting properties. This leaves a hole that is slightly smaller than the original diameter of the workpiece, which is what is known as a slug.

SKD11 steel

SKD11 steel is a good choice for punch moulding applications as it has good wear resistance and tempering permeability, while DC53 steel is a good choice for high-quality, high-performance molds. The dies used for punch moulding process are generally of two types: the punching die and the drawing die. Click here and get information about formstøping av plast plaststøping .

A punching die is a special tool with several components that are designed to shape a thin metal sheet in a cold state. It has a hardness that is lower than the drawing die.

The punching tool is designed to make punching holes and other shapes from sheet material. Punching is a very economical way to make multiple usable parts from a single sheet.

It works by forcing a specially shaped punch through the sheet material. The metal is then held inside a hole, which is then discarded or recycled.

Components of a punching tool

The punching tool and die must be made of a material that is compatible with the material of the stamped part.